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My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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Is that how it starts??

Firstly, I have a new email address, please check the just need to retrieve my contacts.What is it with hackers, they need to get a life!

How could I say no to a box full of lampshades waiting to be bedazzled and redesigned? I only needed a few, but by buying the box, they only worked out at $1.20 ea....

I have trouble buying just one or two of anything junk related, oh, and maybe clothes...and shoes...mmm.

 Ok, is this how it starts, hoarding that is?

Then it is too late for me, no turning back.Maybe I should have asked this question ten years ago,lol.
As all addicts would say,'I have it under control', but I do...

Today, Im home sick, day off, and Im overwhelmed with this sinking feeling I have. A big quicksand pit is on my verandah, in my house,the laundry, and even in my car, consuming my time and energy and most of all, my space!

Time to brush off the germs, and take control, one room at a time!
I leave for the 'States' in 16 days, lets hope I can find my way out of this mess and get to the airport on time!

Lamp bases

My latest obsession (making lamps) has taken over my dining table, so I will finish off the last two, and clear it for dinner tonite...hopefully!

Oh, and the chairs...leave as is, or paint and recover? I cant decide!

**For the locals...if you are heading into Darling Harbour this weekend, there's a great 'home expo' on, and the star of it would have to be my hubby's pool display.
So be sure to go and visit and say hi,or check out his website!
I'll be back just before Im off on a roadtrip of a soon! 


  1. How exciting to be of to the states I wish I could say that lol I think Id paint and recover I follow a couple of do-upper blogs like and another?? and yep Id do up.

  2. Hope you have a fantastic and exciting trip........


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