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Roadtrip of sorts...

Im heading over to the U.S in a month's time...yaaaay!

I guess we should start planning our roadtrip, if hubby and I could just decide on the same places !!
We are spending the first week in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, then who knows! I just know I want to end the trip in New York!

Lets not even mention the junk I want to squeeze into my 'persuation and suttleness' skills will be brought in to play.

I have a decision to make before I can start packing, though Im pretty sure what the answer will be...wanna help?
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  1. Hi Sue, Thanks heaps for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. Bron.

  2. Hey Sue....!

    Hope you had a FAB Mothers Day....!! I SO WISH I could come with to the US....I'll be thinking of you & looking forward to seeing all your Treasures....!!

    I've just received an email from your address with NO SUBJECT....Inside the email was a link to CLICK ON....I think your email has possibly been hacked & recommend you run a SCAN ASAP....!!

    Fingers crossed it's not a nasty bug....!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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