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Back to reality....

Hi all, 
Ive been home for just a few days, and cant seem to get it all together, my life that is! Im feeling a bit lost, and still struggling with sleep , germs, and reality!

My trip to the US was unbelievable, words can not describe...

Grand Canyon

We went with a group of around 25 people for the first week, and hit the streets of Vegas and LA,and the Grand Canyon, then we separated, our adult kids went home, reluctantly, and hubby and I hired a car, and travelled the coast to San Fransisco.

golden gate bridge,San Fransisco

Our original plans were to work our way over to New York, but we soon realized this country is too big, and with only a few weeks up our sleeve, we'd be better to stay close to the west coast. As disappointed as I am, it means we will have to go again to do the east coast another time!

Death Valley desert
So with no real set plans, we pulled out a map each night, and sketched out a rough trek...

yosemite mountains
yosemite National park
We met some great people along the way, a few guided us to the most amazing places we wouldnt have stopped at , so we are so grateful!

Hollywood Hills
Overall, we laughed, destressed, and shared some wonderful memories together. I might add, no cooking, no cleaning, and just a bit of washing made the holiday so much more of a holiday!
Whats more, we came home to a reasonably clean home, all intact,lol! Almost three weeks coping on their own, the kids made us proud!

Santa Barbara marina at sunset
Initially, I had intentions of buying up some great junk along the way! I couldnt wait to rummage through some great thrift shops and hit some garage sales. I knew I had to be strong, and pick just a few specials as I had limited space, but if I should see something spectacular, it would have to come home regardless!
So, we found a few GSales, but nothing,
 then we went to some antique stores, but nothing,
 I found a great thrift store with a great name, and thought this is the one, but nothing.

Our last night...

Our last few days were spent back in Santa Monica, and we found the garage sale of all sales! In fact I walked straight past, but hubby called ,shocked that I had missed it.When I looked back, I think I started to run....

All I could think was,how am I going to fit these in our luggage, Ill have to organise shipping, I dont care how much it costs, it will be worth it, how will I carry it all, Ill organise a truck....
Well, all those thoughts were short lived....he wasnt selling, he was cleaning out his garage!!
After the embarrassment, we laughed so hard, I realized it wasnt meant to be! 
I gave up looking for those special pieces, afterall I was on holidays, and we had some fun looking!
So now weve come back to our winter, the winds have picked up, and my studio is getting somewhat of a beating with branches falling and leaves piling up. I started back at my day job yesterday, so it may take me some time to get back into Junkstudio. Im looking forward to visiting everyone once again, it feels like it has been a lifetime! Hope you have enjoyed our little trip and the pics I have shared, but if you want to see more, you can visit my facebook page, catcha!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your visit! You've seen areas of the country I've never been to. Like you said, this country is so darn big! LOL Yes, you'll have to plan another trip soon. The eastern portion of the country is nothing like the west. And the middle is different still. And north and south is worlds apart. There's wonderful scenery everywhere you turn.

  2. Hi Sue, What a fabulous trip you have had. Love your photos.
    Sometimes it takes a while to get back down to earth. I understand how you feel because I feel the same when I come back from visiting the UK.
    Shame about the garagle sale - I am still laughing.
    Glad to have you back.
    Pam x

  3. Wow, that is so nice you got to vacation here! I live about an hour away from the Golden Gate bridge! I've never been to the Grand Canyon or Vegas! Hopefully soon! Maybe someday I'll even make to Australia!

  4. What a lovely post and amazing pics! Newest follower!

    I can't remember how I found you.. i click here and there and then stumbled onto your blog!


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