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Better pull my finger out....

Hi all,
The rain and my work out of the home have been my main excuses for slacking off in the studio cleanup this past week, but no more!!
I managed to have most of the weekend to catchup with all of my jobs, and finally checking out the condition of my trees and haven down the back...
Well, apart from a few rather large branches, piles of wet,soggy leaves, and alot of possom poop, not too bad.
I managed to find the little culprit who leaves these smelly little pellets everywhere...

He doesnt look too worried does he, mmm, I think he felt I had disturbed his sleep! Dont let those gorgeous eyes, and fluffy fur fool you, they are pesky, territorial, and stinky! But cute....

So, now I just need to replace the doors, and build a new awning, yes, $$$$!
Then I can revamp the inside. I always like to freshen it each Spring, let the fresh air in, move old out, new in, and shake it all about! I havent had a sale since May, so Im looking forward to getting back into them, and lets hope the weather is kinder this time!

Thankyou for all who have purchased on the website, and received your 10% off, and you still have a few more days. If you would like an extra 5% off, become a follower, or friend on facebook, too easy!

I have one last thing Im to tackle today, and I have avoided it all weekend, even now Im blogging instead of doing it, but it is spread all over the table, so it has to be done....TAX,argh!!
Well, hopefully I will get some back, that's my incentive,haha!

My time has run out until next Sunday, so the studio will have to wait...time is my worst enemy at the moment.

I'll be back then to show you the updates, and a few new additions...hopefully!

Have a good week!


  1. sue...what the heck is that creature??? i have to tell my friend to keep a look out for those big eyed furry!!!
    good luck with your cleaning out and studio sale. i need to clean tons of stuff out too, but it is way too hot here....ugh.
    okay...take care

  2. that's a possum? he's much cuter than ours in florida, but the ones here are a nuisance too! happy monday *e*

  3. Thanks for popping over today Sue.....and what the heck is that, lol! I've been thinking about Ebay again's been several years since I've sold there, but they are still the biggest guys around. xo


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