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What makes me smile today....a glimpse of my life of late!

After two weeks of overload, I can finally breathe....sometimes we forget dont we?

B r e a t h e  i n,  b r e a t h e  o u t...

Along with working fulltime, I decided to clean out the studio, sell on ebay, and have a sale on the website! What was I thinking??
This weekend was exactly what I needed to refuel, reflect and revisit.

                                            Larissa on the left..
Cara didnt catch her food...
Friday night after work, we celebrated our daughter Larissa's 20th birthday, which happens to be today!
 We ate Teppanyaki , well some we had thrown on us, but it was fun, and delicious! Saturday she flew up to Queensland for two months, she is training to be a flight attendant.

I worked at the shop all day, drove to Sues that night, we went out to watch a friend's band, and have a few too many drinks!


Yesterday, we went to this special place Sue likes to visit, so peaceful and serene, time almost stood still....we ate a rather large breakfast, then walked around checking out the rather large trees, and gorgeous views.

These trees are the most beautiful Moreton Bay Figs, and very old.

We left before midday, in time for me to head down the coast to Bulli, where I caught up with my parents, sister,her hubby, and daughter. We went to visit dad, who has been in hospital since last October, and now in Rehab.He has been very ill, resulting in the loss of his leg. Slowly he is recovering, and we hope he will be home in a couple of months, it has been a very long road, and a very lonely one, for both my mum and dad being separated for so long. Their dog Daisy is only a year and a half old, so dad hasnt seen her for months.We thought he needed a boost, and took her in to visit....

They say the simplest things can be the best medicine, the pics speak for themselves!

I drove home last night exhausted, but at peace with the world for another week...


  1. Sounds like it was some much needed down time with family and fun! We need those times that put a smile on our faces.

  2. oh sue...happy birthday to your daughter. happy time for you to rest now. happy to see this post and let us in on your very personal life. your parents look so sweet.
    enjoy your rest. you looks so relaxed eating with your family. have a few drinks for me!!!!
    take care


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