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It's ok, Ive got it covered....

I always say,
 'If you're going to do a job, do it properly'!

Well,I think I did a brilliant job of covering everything in this office/craft/spare room....dont ya think??

Yeh, it has been a while since Ive been able to do anything in this room, and what's worse, it is in full view when we open the front door...My plan backfired!! I thought by having it close to the front door, I would keep it clean and organised, yeh right!

Ive made so many attempts to empty it out and start fresh, but I stand at the door, then walk away....but this afternoon, my eldest daughter gave me the nudge I needed!

Mind you, these photos are an hour into it, Ive dragged out alot of furniture as you can see, into the hallway and living area.There's actually some good stuff in here, shame you cant see it, I couldnt even close the door, clothes hanging all over it!

 Hubby is away thank goodness, but back Monday, so it has to be finished by tomorrow afternoon....hahaha, and here I am blogging about it!

I better get back to it, I guess.....
Come back soon to see the tranformation!


  1. Hi Sue I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one with a mess to tidy.I have half a shed here I am trying to organise and 1/2 a shed at my daughters full of boxes I spent today going thru and culling AGAIN!! I am wiped.Wouldnt it be nice to share the work.I dont know about you but no one hels me at all.YOur mess so clean it yourself I think is the thoughts in the familys heads. Hope you get it done. xxx

  2. Girl... Thank you for making me feel better! Or normal. No, maybe not normal, but at least that there is someone else out there with the same problem I have. That picture could have been taken in a couple of places around here. (I did tackle my daughter's old bedroom that looked almost exactly like that, though.) And I would have had the same reasoning about it being visible from the door we all walk through. Ha! Will we ever learn? Now go get 'em!

  3. You sure thats not a photo of my place. Somtimes it just seems too big a job to tackle. Hope you got it done by the weekend


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