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Getting creative for Spring (and a distraction from the office...)

Ok, I admit it, Im a procrastinator! 
It is just the way I roll!
Im not a 'heads on' type of girl...I like to sit on ideas and thoughts for a while till the time is right...
Well, this idea came from my archives, buried deep in my filing system! The basic plans are not my own, but by adding 'my style' and 'pizazz',haha, I have tried to recreate and embellish as I know best!
My original idea was inspired for Spring, making a lovely display of seedlings, ferns, and favourite blooms.

But then they reminded me of my time working in a department store, creating displays in 'museum boxes', in my Visual Merchandising days.
A display 'glasshouse' for your own little treasures to be changed seasonally, daily, till your heart desires.

Im a huge fan of Glass Cloches, and I know alot of you are too, so these are an extension if you like!
Of course, giving them their individual personality was the best part, I couldnt finish them fast enough!
What's more, they can be built in a DAY...well not including mowing the lawn, hanging out three loads of washing, and heaving a large cupboard into a customers' tiny car, and....well you get my point!
And as you know, I dont like to waste, so I gave the backs of the frames to my eldest daughter to give the kids in preschool...Im thinking they would be great for them to make collages! Or better still, I could contact them, add a bulldog clip, and use it to hold recipes, photos, oh dear, my head is spinning with ideas!!! 

As you may know through facebook, the date for my next sale has been confirmed for Saturday,17th September. So busy ,busy, busy for the next month! So,my visits will be few and far between, but rest assured, I will be sharing pics of my finished office/craft room if it kills me,hahaha!

If you are interested in the 'Glasshouses',they have been added to the website here, here and here.Also, Im thinking of doing a tutorial if you would like to give it a go...your thoughts?

Now, back to the grindstone....

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