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Time out cruising...

Hi all, Ive just got back from a 4 day comedy cruise, short and sweet!

I recommend it highly, apart from getting out on the high seas, enjoying the fresh air and of course, the entertainment on board, it was enough time to relax and have time out from the regular turmoil of life!

Though I have to say it isnt for the weak, Bass Strait gave us some of its toughest punches!
Having never 'cruised' before, I only had 'The Love Boat' to go by, lol, well let's just say, it wasnt quite the same...

So we travelled from Newcastle to Melbourne, with a full day of shopping, then cruised our way back.

 With cash burning a hole in my wallet, I had full intentions of spending up at the Queen Victoria Markets, and then heading over to DFO for some great bargains. I went with a wonderful group of people , quite diverse, and interesting.
We laughed our way across the seas!

Apart from buying a few things from the P & O shop on board, truth be told, I only bought one thing at the markets....isnt that always the way, cant spend it when youve got it?
I may not ever wear it, but thought it was cute enough to add to my collection!
(will show you that another time)

And now Im back at work, how quickly we fall back into our lives and daily activities. Im finally getting my landlegs back, and have a few hurdles and speedbumps to work through before my next adventure in June/July.

On the home front, my kitchen is progressing slowly...too many interruptions!

So where does Junkstudio stand these days?  Mmmm, will get back to you on that one....bare with me.

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  1. Hello Sue...Looks like you had a great time on your high seas excursion! I'm not much for boats, but the stops and shopping would make the "woosies" worth while! *e*


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