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On the home front....

Well, lets just say, home projects are never ending...
This junking break has extended longer than I could have imagined!
Even as Im completing one job, Im thinking up another, why do I do that?
Ive been overloaded with work,(the real job), and the weather has been wet, so oiling my new kitchen benchtops has been dragging out for a couple of weeks, but, finally I think we have some progress!

My son Ryan brought one of them in to fit, and there it has stayed. We still need to install shelving next to the drawers, and  add drawer fronts so it isnt secure, but I have a bench! Woohoo!

As you can see I love timber, all different types, all different colours, but Im a bit worried it is all too much with the panelling and trim...what are your thoughts?

Still waiting to go in with the stovetop installed)

This is where I started adding projects to the said project...

Me..."I think Im going to have to paint the panelling a cream wash to break the timber up..."
Son.." It looks fine, if you do that, you will have to do the whole room".
Me..."Thats ok, it will brighten it up, or I could run mini-orb along there, and continue along the other wall behind the stove."
Son..." OMG, we'll never finish this!"
Me..."So you're never leaving home!"

He's 18, my days are numbered.

Ryan has been a great help, and saved me some $$, so I cant complain. I guess I will have to do the fiddly bits myself, but where do I draw the line...I. cant. stop!

This weekend I also tackled some of the garden....weeding isnt a favourite past time, but much needed after all the rain. So I regained ownership of this little area outside my kitchen to plant some herbs.Id love to pave this space, it is on the list,hehe, but for now, Im just throwing down some mulch to combat the weeds for a bit longer.

Back to work today after a productive weekend,Im tired,but its a good feeling.

What's an even better feeling, is next week Im off on a little cruise, so excited!

So, I'll be back when time permits, and you can also join me over at facebook, as I sort through my junk...I have some questions to ask, coming soon!



  1. Looking good! Have you had a lot of rain? the weeds never end when it's been raining!

  2. Thanks Katrina, we have had about six weeks of rain!You probably need it out there!

  3. I think it all looks fabulous im a great fan of your kitchen the new bench is spectacular.Love the pantry and its new use.,


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