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Bright light!

What a difference a day makes!

The sun is shining in this neck of the woods, and it's a weekend, what great timing!

With the bright light in the sky, I can see this place falling apart around me , so in true form I started half a dozen jobs and projects all at once!

Does anyone else do that, or is it just me.....hmmmm!

Following the five loads of washing, bathing Toby and mowing lawns, I couldnt wait to get out in the overgrown garden, oh but not to 'garden', to take photos of course! Ive missed playing with my camera in good lighting.

Then I continued to clean and organise the verandah, and if you have been following along with this blog, you'd know all about my verandah!

My son has been building some drawers for the kitchen, so it has been a bit of a building site of late.They are now in their spot, and I will share pics as soon as my new benchtops arrive!

The good thing about having freestanding cupboards in the kitchen /dining rooms, is I can move them around to suit. The bad thing is that I can move them....

(My family dont take well to change.Maybe because I do it so often...)

The new drawers will be replacing my pantry cupboard, so I have more benchspace. I love my pantry cupboard so much,it is an old railway cupboard, lots of history. I couldnt part with it, so I had to find a new use for it, and moved it just a few metres away!
It's now filled with old sets of scales,set of canisters, kitchenalia,linen and tablecloths.
(thinking of papering the back of it, any suggestions?)

Although I gave away alot of my old country decor, I kept just a few of my favs!

This old school cupboard housed a tv, board games, and bottles of red wine, which I might add, we dont drink!

This was an easy fix! Tv went out to Ryan's mancave, games stored away in sons old room, the cupboard is going on ebay tonite, and the wine?
 I'll be gifting them to friends and family!

I feel I am finally getting on top of some of these I started, and never finished. This weekend has been productive to say the least!

I have a busy week at work ahead of me,so enjoy the rest of this gorgeous weather and I will chat again soon :)

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