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Aqua on a gray day...

Have you ever had one of those days?

One colour stands out from the crowd?

Aqua was mine today....

I was looking for a small armchair to partner with one I already have. I wanted to buy 2nd-hand  but it wasnt to be, maybe next week.

These gorgeous bottles jumped out at me in one op shop, and for $2.00 each, how could I leave them?

Then in Target, I bought these pretty red glasses,I think they brighten up my shelf. 

Whilst waiting in line to pay...these pegs flew into my hand!

It was nice to have a day off, and buy random necessities....yes they were definitely necessary, hehe!

So the hunt is still on for a vintage chair, Im not in a hurry, Im sure it will jump out at me one day :)

Have a good week !

Flowers were picked from the garden before the storm...


  1. Lovin those aqua clothespins and bottles!

    1. Thanks Ele, I love an impulsive purchase, especially this one!

  2. I LUV those aqua bottles! Such a refreshing color!

  3. I love your bottles. Don't you love how inanimate objects have a mind of there own?! LOL

    1. I know Ruth, it is amazing, but I take it as a


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