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The process in slow motion....

For any normal renovation, you might have had this job licked in about a week tops!
But we here, in the home of all things disorganised, chaotic, and time deprived, like to stretch out our repairs and renos to the point where you have forgotten what you were up to....

As most of you know, I tend to move things around and change my mind as the wind changes, so to make somewhat of a permanent decision on kitchen storage was a painful and time-consuming thought process I didnt take too lightly.

You may remember when I found this dresser and asked you if I should stick with this, or go for a benchtop with shelving on the wall. Of course I dragged it in and filled it before you had time to reply, and that was that....but the clutter got the better of me, and I craved for a nice timber benchtop with storage underneath.

My son Ryan , in his third year of carpentry, offered to build the drawers, the shelves, and install. Waiting for an 18yr old to squeeze in some time for his mum, well lets just say, I painted walls, I did six coats of oil on the new benches, I moved cupboards, installed other shelving...the list goes on!

Ryan finally came to the party, and this is where we are so far....

I have an idea for the drawer fronts, so he has left those, and if I ever find long baskets to go on the shelving, these will be replaced one day.

The bench isnt secured yet, as we need to get the powerpoint moved behind the shelving.
Ryan even made the top shelf slide out, so we can use the toaster from there, and slide it back in!

Haha, you may laugh, but after 12 yrs of waiting to finish this kitchen, every little thing counts!

So, I wanted one or two planked shelving on the wall to hold the essential display pieces,( useless stuff), and  then I remembered this shelf I had in the studio...I just removed the back feet!
A long shelf might have been more practical (to fit more useless stuff on), but Im not really into practical.....

Well, with only a few touches to finish, Im feeling relieved to just about cross it off my list of To-dos!
But now I have the other side of the kitchen! New stove top into new bench and shelving underneath.
It never ends does it?


  1. omg thats gorgeous i saw the pic of just the bench and thought noooo she needs a dresser on top and then saw the next pic just perfect.Loving it organized yet still country character,Great job cant wait to see it.

  2. Ps practical is way overated abd i spy a tiny bit of room that another something may one day appear on.


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