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Daily musings with Toby...

My pal Toby is becoming very dependent these days...
For a mature nine year old Cockerspaniel,(who thinks he is only two), he is doing very well, but feeling lonely and bored with us at work.

Having been time-deprived the past few months,has meant only short walks for him, but lately Ive started taking him down to the river and he loves it!

He wont go in the water, too cold, but drags me everywhere!

The weather is beautiful,so we get a good hour in, and he sniffs everything!

The trip down the mountains, he is going crazy trying to get out, and crying, and the trip back he spends collapsed from exhaustion on the back seat!

The only downfall? Hair....e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.!

The things we do for our pets!
Gotta love them!


  1. Its nice that you can spend the time to take him for long, delicious walks. Its interesting how you can see age on animals. He looks a tad old, and my cat, who is 17 has started looking a little bent in the passed couple of months. Sad, really.

    1. Wow, 17 is a good age,I remember as a child I had to say goodbye to our family cat when he was 17.It is sad, but they are so rewarding...I bet your cat is well loved.
      Toby has a lot of energy, and alot of weight to loose...he adores food, so walking helps with both, and I love it too.

  2. Sue,my Winston loves going to the Nepean River, only problem is he wants to play with everyone..xx

    1. Too cute! We may have to introduce them to each other one day!


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