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Feeling a little lighter...

On this road to simplifying my life, my home, and my workload, I have been thinning down the clutter  collections and decor around here. 

On facebook, Ive mentioned a few piles drawers full of magazines I have kept for years.

I obviously thought I would never change my style, country all the way...
But of course, tastes do change, some more than others ;)  , and flicking through the years '90 to '12, I have really integrated all of the trends to what I would call 'my style'!

It was kind of sad to see these go, but with Pinterest and Facebook, I think my home decor fetish is taken care of. 
Everyday I can just turn on the laptop, and browse anytime, and at no think how much I have spent over the years on magazines,wow!

I will still buy them but in a more controlled manner!
I must have been in a fenzy at times, as quite often doubled up on the same mag in the same month!

So now these drawers are empty....what will I fill them with?


  1. Hey GORGEOUS.....!!

    I hear you loud & clear re the mags....About 5 years ago when I bought one home I made a conscious decision to read through it once slowly then straight away, cut the pics & articles out for my design folder....The rest of the mag went into recycling & I would have the hard copy at my continued disposal....!!

    While I LOVE being able to browse on the Internet....I enjoy being able to have an image at my side at the ready....!!

    Hope you're having a BRILLIANT week....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. I'm curious too what you will fill them with.


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