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Biennale of Sydney

Sometimes a 'spare of the moment' decision can be one of the best decisions ever made, and today was just that!
'Biennale of Sydney'
A girlfriend put the idea out there last night, but it was doubtful due to the weather turning nasty...but the sun was shining this morning, so off we went!

Cockatoo Island was our destination, formerly a convict prison and shipping yard.
It was off limits for 100 years, but has been seen as a place for special events, tours, camping etc.

In this case,a callaboration of artists are exhibiting art in the massive industrial sheds on the island, an annual event.

You dont have to be an art lover, or even understand the pieces. They are a visual like no other, and they are what they are, with your own interpretation.

It wasnt just about the art for us today it was the whole experience.
 Smack-bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour, on a spectacular day, a ferry ride, lunch and  a catchup with a friend!

The art and the architecture were icing on the cake! Oh I did love those buildings.

I would recommend it, and we will probably go again, as Im sure we missed some exhibits due to too much chatting!

Biennale continues till the 16th September, plenty of time for everyone to make a trip or two across our beautiful harbour.

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  1. Looks great.I love our Harbour..
    Pop over,I'm having a giveaway..xx


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