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Taking a walk on the wild side....

I made the decision to leave my day job, something that I had been thinking about for a while.

It was for the right reasons I feel, as I have now taken up employment in my hubby's business.

Display pool at a show

After much convincing that he is an awesome boss, and his company offers rewards in more ways than I care to disclose,hehe,  joining him and his fabulous staff, was a no-brainer!

The new display centre in the making

Now before you think it, no, it has nothing to do with junk, antiques, vintage, shabby, or anything remarkably close, but as it is part time, I will have some free time to play with the studio!

Where do I start...
My first project was to paint and furnish my new Saturday office...well, when I say new, it is an old siteshed, half-tiled floor, bad paint job, and a rickety aircon...
Hubby's first words were, ' No old stuff is to enter this office'!
'What the', was my reply...
So this is my challenge. I havent worked with new, or modern before.

So far, Im not doing a very good job.
I found an old 70's shelf, love it, especially after I painted it. He said it was o.k.
Then I found a table and chairs....Im in the process of painting, but he doesnt like them,  'too curvy' he said.
He already found the lounge...I dont like it.
Well, I think this will test our work-relationship somewhat.

As I have mentioned on Facebook before, Andy works in the pool industry, manufacturing, sales, transport, and more recently landscape lifestyles. Im involved in consults,customer liason , and possibly design and marketing. The boss just doesnt know it yet , wink, wink!

This year has evolved into something I would never had imagined, my plans are like my furniture, they never stay put for long...
I believe things and people happen for a reason, and I am where Im meant to be at this moment, Im not sure why, but I will embrace it, and fly with it...

Of course, Junkstudio is my project, and my creative outlet.
I will continue to fill orders and try to have the occasional sale, and try to post about the latest junk find.But nothing is firm or set in concrete anymore, a realization of late.
I hope you will always be around to inspire me, and encourage me to stay on the junk wagon, and just give me a shove everynow and then,  to follow my dreams and enjoy everything that life throws my way.
A wonderful friend advised me of these words, she is so wise.....


  1. Sounds like changing times and lots of fun ahead of you Sue. Sometimes we just have to trust our feelings. I know i did, left the day job, love my life and no turning back no :) xx

    1. Thanks Pam, I think Im up for a new challenge! Sometimes we need a bit of a shakeup to see whats important, pleased to hear you are happy :)

  2. They say a change is as good as a holiday,haha.
    Pam, I've also just taken a career change and am slowly understanding the changes and the effects.
    All good and at least you can always bribe the boss..enjoy your new role and for the record ,I love that curvy table..xx

    1. Thanku Tara...The table is staying,haha, and Im working on the bribing,lol.

  3. Ah, best of luck to you! That is so exciting! I'm sure it was a difficult decision but Change is Good! (And more time to devote to "Your" projects! That is the best part!)

  4. Hi stranger!Thanks for visiting!
    Just dipping a brush into paint has triggered some creative sparks today...sharing some more projects soon :)


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