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Oh Sunny Days...

It has been pretty cold and windy here lately, and branches have fallen, valuable junk on my verandahs have come crashing down, dust swirling down the lane, and the awning on my studio is blowing in the wind!
Today is a bit calmer, though still cold!

I thought I'd get ahead of Spring even though it is only a couple of weeks away, I needed to tackle our bedroom so I could get into bed tonite :)
The sun was streaming in through the french doors, so I opened them to let some fresh air in...probably a tad fresher than I would have liked.

Confession #879...I have a hat problem.
One of my collections has gotten out of control. "Really?"( you say with sarcasm )
With the intentions of putting up a shelf / hook thingy, I left the hats piled up on the floor....for 6 months!

These will have to sit on my dresser until I feel inclined to make a more permanent home for them!

 I moved a few into the 'guest room', the colours were more suited in there.

One thing lead to another, and I cleaned, I shuffled, I organised, and I prettied till my heart was content with the outcome! Hatboxes filled with scarves and belts, and beauty cases filled with hand mirrors and brushes! I love the vintage bedcover on my chair...

My side of the room done and for hubby's!

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  1. Sounds like you've got the Spring cleaning bug already Sue! I have the same vintage bedcover on my lounge..Love it..xx


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