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My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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We're all in the same boat Im guessing!

Oh, come on, you all know what Im talking about, we all do it, haha!

I can always find things to buy when Im broke or when I have bills piling up...

But sometimes in life, the bill has to wait, or you just eat jatz biscuits for a week!

I mean,  could you have walked past this gorgeous suitcase and not given it a second thought?
Could you have resisted opening it to find it is a vintage picnic case with vintage plates and cups, and a vintage thermos set of three?

It wouldnt have been right to leave it, knowing it would look so special in my home...

Ok, so we all agree, it is a must-have!

And then , whilst on the theme of 'all things blue', I found the perfect ironing board cover. I know, youre thinking 'B-O-R-i-n-g!'
But I havent had a new cover for about fifteen years, sad, but true.
Of course, a new blue peg basket has been something on my 'to buy' list for quite a while now.

Last but not least, I bought the materials to start an order for a customer.

 Well actually, the materials were the only things I did want to buy today, all the others just came along for the ride,hehe!

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Which one would you pick, left or right?


  1. I would have done the same. Now find a friend who has a couple bottles of wine, dessert and cheese money and you are golden.

    1. Oh yes! I knew you'd understand,lol! And Im glad you said a couple of bottles, those jatz can make a person thirsty,hehe!


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