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Better Homes...

It was the perfect day for it!
Better Homes and Garden Live Show
 The weather was superb, so I jumped at the chance to go to a show I have admired for many years.
Im still surprised hubby suggested it, but now his business is indulging in landscaping, it was the place to be for ideas.

Apart from hunting down celebs and taking photos as quick as I could, we managed to get around the whole show unscaved, and without purchasing the famous chopper or vege slicer !
We looked at everything from fake lawns to planter pots, stone walls, recycled tyre furniture, and knife sharpeners.
But to my surprise, well maybe not, my favourite at the show ,were the mobile cafes, especially these two!

As far as the show goes, my expectations were a little high, and whilst I enjoyed it, there wasnt a huge variety of different stalls to look at, and I think the food products ie choppers and slicers, and gutter/leaf protectors were everywhichway we turned!

It was great to revisit the old Olymipic site, we were some of the lucky ones to see in the year 2000, and it was interesting to see how they displayed the names of competitors.
Loved the Cauldron water feature , a great reuse for an iconic feature in the opening of the olympics, and the lighting of the flame.

Well, it certainly was a contrast from the day before, where I ripped up the floor of my office! Oh joy, that was fun...NOT!
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Ive also been getting my creative mojo working and made these, available via Facebook HERE!

Catcha soon !

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