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Oh so pretty!

Time has flown while Ive been procrastinating....

I really havent had much to say in this old blog, or anywhere else for that matter! Despite starting my new job, having some time to catchup with friends, and getting out and about, I seem to be just enjoying it rather than talking or writing about it.

But this topic has brought me back to the blog, as it is the only way I can express my love /hate relationship with Jacaranadas.

Lets just say, the shade they give, the flowers they show, the speed they grow, and the fine,delicate leaves that fall like rain, are all lovely features.
Im lucky enough to have my own down the back of the yard, and my neighbour was nice enough to share both of his on the boundary fence...lucky me!
Im pretty sure every backyard in the mountains has one of these stunning trees somewhere on their block of land, if not, they soon will have a seedling or two growing where it shouldnt!
But sadly as we all know, they have  their down side....I have a list....

The flowers cover everything, get in everything, and continue to fall for weeks.
They get slimey in rain, and become very slippery and squishy and a hazard.
The leaves do the same, and clog up filter systems to pools....
They drop big seedpods when the cockys have cleaned them out, and are sharp to walk on.
The term fast growing actually means they grow like weeds, and selfseed everywhere.
They thrive on cutting back, so dont encourage them.

There is just one very important factor which keeps them surviving, and saves them from a montage of chainsaws....

and it is their outstanding colour.

Lucky, I like purple.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Im coming back again soon to share Christmas for 2012.
In continuing my year of simplifying, it may be a tad different to last years....
See you soon!


  1. Love love love Jacarandahs even the mess or maybe especially the mess to me they will always measn the mountains and home,Love love love yiur xmas style as usual would kill for the tin tub,Have you still got last years stand my best ever ever fav

  2. So glad you're back.Jacarandas are pretty but I couldn't stand the mess.
    Looking forward to seeing your Chrissy decorations.xx

    1. Hi Tara, well Im kinda back!
      Hope to be blogging more this year, I need to get creative :)

  3. YES!

    I am SO sick of hearing people loving Jacaranda's .. I ask them "do you have one?" and they invariably say NO!

    So people get to love them from afar in flower .. but they don't deal with the droppings ALL year round!! The tiny green leaves that blow all through the house, the MASSES of "sticks" ( skeletal remains once the tiny green leaves are all gone ) that LITTER my garden .. SO MUCH!! Neverending!!

    So yes, I hang out for the pretty purple droppings .. it's the only things that stops me from taking a chainsaw to my beast!! xx

    1. You understand where Im coming from!
      Finally they have stopped flowering, and are now just growing rapidly!

  4. I love Jacarandas!!!!!!!!!!!!


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