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The power of words...

To some people the written word holds more meaning than just a spoken one.

At the very young age of 9, all I wanted was my very own diary, and it had to be the one with a lock!
 I was given one that Christmas, though unfortunately it didnt come with a lock and key so I had to be creative in where I hid it from prying eyes...
I wasnt consistent in my postings, but I had written in everyone's birthdays, even my pets!
And then along came boys...

Back then, if you played chasings with a boy, then they were your boyfriend, or if they came up and hit your arm everyday, they were boyfriend status for sure!
It wasnt long before the postings into my diary got longer and more interesting.
I saved my pocket money, and invested in a five year diary, with a lock and key!

" ( .....) is my boyfriend today, but he is moving to Newcastle, so I will have to drop him tomorrow".

As I moved into High School, and became a teenager, the posts were all about friends, boys and family, in that order. I dont think I was any different to most teenagers when it came to arguements between friends over boys, and not speaking to my parents cause they grounded me!

" Im not speaking to (.......) at the moment, so I will have to call her tomorrow and tell her".

Always trying to keep up with the parties, movies and shopping, I was always poor, trying to convince mum we didnt need that much food, but I really needed to buy a new 'glomesh wallet'!

My diaries got a workout, never enough time or pages to write who got with who, and who broke up with who, and what I bought with my last $2.50, and ....well you get the point. I sometimes had to stick more pages in, and apologize to my diary for being so messy, lol.
Unfortunately my priorities for shopping havent changed that much, afterall, do we really need to eat three meals?

Once I left school, there was no stopping me, I was rebellious, and I knew everything that I needed to know...someone was definitely looking out for me during those years of 'all about me'!
My diaries grew to A4 size, there was just so much to write!

Alot of my friends moved in different directions, so I guess my post subjects became few and far between...until I started Tafe, and a whole new chapter opened up,lol.
Lets just say, I probably pushed my parents stress levels up , and had way too much fun for one person, and am thankfully still here to tell the story.

I managed to keep a diary right up till the age of 21, the last couple of years werent very post heavy, though I think that was because my life was more meaningful and grownup, as I married at 20, and my first child was born at 21. I was living my life, and didnt feel the need to document it as often.

For those of you who have been associated with me and my life from the ages of 9yrs to 21yrs, you will be able to rest easy now.
On my road to simplifying, I revisted these old memories for one last time today, and decided it was time to burn those words. As funny as some of them were, I still remember the pain we shared through friendships lost, relationships, and the loss of pets, and the changes we went through as teens.

So the evidence has turned to ashes, but for those of you who Im still friends with despite what we shared, or maybe because of what we shared, my memory hasnt left me yet, and they will not be forgotten in a hurry!

Im a different person now, sometimes I would look through the pages and wonder who that person was, but I guess that is what the teenage years are all about, finding yourself, of course having some fun too!

I have to say Im feeling relieved after having to hide them for 37 years, the thought of me leaving this earth, and someone picking them up for a read would definitely make me toss and turn in my grave! 

My eldest daughter has followed me in the need to write, and maybe when she reaches my age, she may have the same ceremony, unless she has it all on USBs now!

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  1. omg i knew there was a reason we are friends,i too was a fan of the five year diary and there was never enough space,unfortunately my brother picked the lock and the words he chose to taunt me with penned at age 13 were "as i entered the water i found myself maturing " Omg i blush for the 13 year old me who was such a dreamer.Its hard to find a hiding spot in a tiny room shared with a sister and with a brother who is devious and spiteful.Dont worry i got him back,xxx Looks like your clutter is not the only extras you are getting rid of,


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