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If time stood still...

Today is my 'gorgeous girl's 20th birthday'!
Moving into her third decade of life, she has become a confident, beautiful young woman, with a vision to a happy and fulfilled life ahead. The past few weeks she has been busy cramming in all her teenage ways, to make way for her 20's!

We are so proud of her and who she is , but it is hard to forget the little girl she was....I hope she makes time to still smell the flowers in the future, as she did at 18 months!

This is my all time favourite photo, with her chubby cheeks!( She'll scream when she sees this!)

Gorgeous girl's room update?? Not finished, surprise surprise!

It is close, but still carpet needs cleaning, Im painting today, and then we can decorate and fill with furniture....a week at tops, I promise!!

You may ask where I put all the stuff that was in the room?
Well look at my verandah I spent about 6 months clearing last year...yeah I know what you are thinking but hopefully it will all fit in hubby's and my new office (daughters old bedroom).

I will post photos of the finished room soon, very soon!


  1. Wow Sue, it's looking terrific. Is that galvanised iron? It certainly has a great Aussie feel, she should love it. (Shame about the verandah - lol).
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  2. Looking forward to seeing your finished room and happy b'day to your "little girl"!

  3. Hi Sue, it's coming together nicely! Can't wait to see it all together :)

  4. Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

    What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

    Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

    let's chat

  5. I'm loving the currogated metal! I keep thinking I'd like to add some to my studio when we get to it. The room is looking great.


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