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Mother's day....again?

We're a bit behind the times here, well actually, it is hard getting my sister,mum, and I together sometimes! So finally last Friday,(only 5 weeks late) we took mum to the Art Gallery, and out for lunch.The weather was just devine, and it is always nice to take in the city sights!
Next year ,we plan to do it again, but maybe aim for Mother's day!
It was a nice break from the usual at home, and there were some beautiful artworks and paintings to see.The photography was very interesting, some dating back to the late 1800's of Sydney's main streets!The wedding dress was interesting, as was this grand piano!

I love St Pauls Cathedral, and this park and fountain...I used to walk past these all the time when I worked in the city, quite a few years ago now.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at an Art exhibition in my local town, Springwood.As much as I appreciate art, I have had my dose for a while!Today, I spent most of it outdoors, the days are too gorgeous to be in front of the computer!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and do check in again soon, I may have some photos of my new office to share...

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