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Plates, plates, and more plates!!!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, somedays you have no choice in what you bring home from a day of junking...No matter what you may have in mind, one particular thing just keeps calling out, 'take me, take me!'

Well today was the day for plates! Plates in all different sizes, colours, and makes! I have my fair share of plates at home, actually I have everyones share of plates at my house. But they are gorgeous, and so cheap, and I do have a collection of blue plates, so does my friend Sue, so I had to grab those!

Hopefully next week, I will find a cupboard to house all of them!

I also found a collection of walking sticks, some 1920's prints, and a chest of drawers( which went straight into my daughter's room). Look at this gorgeous set ....Check on my side bar, as these will be added to Ebay soon.

Mty friend Jullie over at Whimsical notions, came over for lunch on Friday, and I havent talked so much in 4 hours like we did! Jullie will be adding some of her tussies and things to my studio for its opening. She doesnt sell normally, but you will see some of her specials on her blog.

Shortly after she left my home, my neighbours garage caught on fire, possibly electrical! It went up so fast, thankfully not alot of damage to homes,just cladding melting, very lucky.It brough some excitement into our lane, and I caught up with some neighbours I havent seen for a while!We can joke about it now, but in the moment, I was running around with a knotted up hose, spelling my suburb name to the fire brigade on the phone. Their dog and chooks survived, and thankfully they werent home at the time, but their garage had all their photo albums, and kids memorabilia in there.

Of course, Im picturing the worst...It would burn along the fence, and jump the lane, and proceed to burn my house, I took the photo standing on the lane, near my front door.

It is times like this, it gets you thinking, do you know where all your things are if you had to leave in an emergency situation? Mine are spread all over the house!


  1. What a fabulous collection of plates were calling your name!!LOL
    Hope you find a cupboard for them

  2. Hi! I love the pale blue crockery, so pretty. Glad the fire was extinguished safely - so scary how it can take hold so quickly. Clare x

  3. Wow!
    I`m so glad that I`m not the only one who LOVES vintage plates!
    I`m sad to hear about the fire on your neighbour`s garage!
    Debbie Moss

  4. Honestly it was nothing to do with me.i dont even smoke cigars no really.Trust me to go home and miss all the action.And it was a lovely lunch thanks i just looove your house i could live in your kitchen.


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