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Lucky last!

After my last post, things seem to feel meaningless, time has stood still for a moment. 200 lives are expected to have been lost by the end of today, approx 5000 people, homeless.I cant express the emotions we are feeling at the moment, and our hearts go out to everyone involved.

Sue's girls!

This past weekend , as devastating as it has been, and as hot as it has been, we here, had one last birthday out of the eleven, to celebrate.....mine. I wished I could sleep through it, the heat wasnt an incentive to venture out anywhere, but my dear friend Sue and her family asked us for lunch. Of course, living on the coast, it was 10 degrees cooler than here, and she is a wonderful host and cook, so we went!
I was showered with hugs ,kisses, flowers , chocolates, an exceptional lunch, and dessert, and a beautiful breeze!

Five hours later, we were invited to another friend's place, for a yum

my dinner, and dessert, and flowers! So spoilt, but so lucky to have some wonderful friends. A cool change came, so lovely, but when we arrived home, our home was like an oven!

Today it is raining, and about 20 degrees cooler.

Ive been adding some more stock to my studio, and ebay on the links on the side bar and come and have a look....Preparations are under way for my next sale, 28th Feb, I hope it stays cool!


  1. Happy Birthday Sue! So nice to have such wonderful friends to make a fuss of you. Best wishes for more happiness through these dark days. Irene :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you! What wonderful friends you have to treat you to such a wonderful day!
    All of the folks that have lost so much in the fires are in my thoughts and prayers-what a terrible thing!~Tam

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    Words fail me to tell you the pain I feel for you & your countrymen. All I can say is you are in my prayers!!
    Hugs to You, Your Family & Your Countrymen!


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