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Creating amongst mess!!

I have been creating so much lately, I cant even get into my office/craft room without a plan of attack, one step to the right, tiptoe to the left, jump quickly,and hang onto the chair.....I really need to tidy up, but I can see everything out, and just want to make more!Yesterday, I decided to decorate these fine candle holders.

I bought them a while ago, thought they would look nice in my daughter's room, same colour, but after I finished adorning them with all things vintage, I knew she wouldnt like them, and I dont have room anywhere for them, so they are going on my website! I was sitting on the floor for what seemed hours,(no bench space) and now Im suffering, my back wont straighten!

My verandah isnt much better, I thought I would have a bit of a production line happening, if Im in the mood to paint, it is easier to do a few things at once......but not when there is limited space! Poor Toby, he had bits of paint all over him, though I have to say, he does like to sit in the middle of it all!

They're not quite finished, I'll show the after photos another time!

The weather is just perfect at the moment, so Im off to create some more!
So what's happening at your place?


  1. hi there my little dreamer.....
    I thought your dream was so sweet I posted it in my comments on my newest post.

    Maybe just maybe it will come's cheap to fly right now..hehe

    I cannot stop creating either...our hearts must beat at the same ime.


  2. You have more energy that I can even think about!! I love your candlesticks!!
    Take care...

  3. Love the look!
    It sounds like you're enjoying the cooler air.

    I love the new banner darling!

    Jill xoo


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