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World peace....

Well that was the speech she was going to talk about, or so we thought! She was adorable, and looked like she had come from a beauty pageant!

We had a great night, and Larissa made us proud!

Thankyou for all of your best wishes, it is times like these , you ask the questions, am I a good mum, have I taught her well, is she going to be a responsible adult??

I can now honestly say, I think hubby and I have done our best, and she has become a gorgeous, independent, and strong woman, who pushes things past their limits, and is turning my hair gray! Of course, we wouldnt have it any other way!

Im going junking in the morning, so fingers crossed, I will have some specials to share with you!


  1. If that beautiful young woman is as pretty on the inside as she is outside, and I believe she is, I think you can rest, assured that you did the right things. And be proud...what's a few gray hairs? That's why we have salons & the hair color aisle at the drugstore!! :o} *elaine*

  2. she is gorgeous and will always know that her mom is creative, resourceful and fun!!!!
    zoey is turning my hair gray and we are only 2 years into it. yikes......
    hot flashes too.
    i will try to remember that time flies by when i get stressed with my kids. it will keep it in perspective!!
    happy junkin....looks like you are keeping busy!!!
    take care


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