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Dont blink!!!

Is today Monday? Mmmm, no I think it is Wednesday, I have no idea what date, time has just passed at lightning speed. Why is that, did I blink?
Dont you feel that sometimes life just passes you by, you are 'in the moment', in my case, painting, sanding, cleaning, restoring, reorganising, oh and did I say cleaning? I like keeping busy, but I tend to tune out too often, and all of a sudden school holidays are over, and my son is back at school, and hubby is back from a trip on the other side of the country!

The biggest news this week has to be 'middle child's' 18th birthday this Saturday, so I know that Saturday is the 1st of August, 'Wattle day', or as most seem to keep reminding us, The horses birthday! I think I must have blinked a dozen times for that to happen, how could Larissa be 18 already?
Ive ordered the cake, Ive received the RSVP's, and Ive wrapped the presents!!
I just need to stop the clock, go back in time, and revisit wonderful memories of Larissa's childhood , as she moves into the 'grownup' world! Out come the photo albums and videos!
I have nearly finished some wonderful projects, and will share them soon, bare with me!


  1. Happy 18th to your lovely HAVE to blink...we have no does go fast & you have to have some very strong brakes to slow it down!! My "baby" turned...!29! this year!! Talk about needing brakes!!! Yikes! Happy Wednesday...slow down & enjoy the ride :o} *elaine*

  2. Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Daughter!! I wish there was a way to stop-time. However, as they say "time waits for no man".....
    Have a great week!

  3. I have to agree my alex turned 16 last week and no one was more shocked than me.Where does the time fly.
    P.S tell her happy Borthday

  4. Hope larisa has a fun 18th Birthday

  5. Those birthdays just fly by dont they...and Im amazed my eldest has just reached 7!!
    And by the way Sue, congratulations you are a winner!!! (my 1st birthday blogging giveaway!)
    Contact me at and we can arrange postage.
    :) Irene x

  6. Happy B-Day Larissa!

    Enjoy your party.

    Jill xoo


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