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New stuff!

I have been collecting mannequins for years, and in the last few, my collection has grown to almost anything remotely like a mannequin, whether it is statues, jewellery stands, Curvy lady and child.....
I just love them, maybe it is from the years of dressing windows in David Jones...

The graphics Fairy came up with these gorgeous images I couldnt resist!
 I love them as is, but couldnt help dress them up a bit. Im adding these to the studio, and will make some more for my office soon!

(click image to enlarge)

Now back to pricing, and cleaning those spiderwebs away to open in the morning!


  1. will see you n morning round 9 love the mannequins

  2. You are working like a wild woman--have a great sale!

  3. love the dress forms and i ADORE those tiny pillows on your last post!!!! they are super sweet!!!!!
    good luck with your sale!

  4. i really enjoyed perusing through your sale today! i am incredulous at how perfect the cane hall table is for my needs. God heard my prayers! measurements and look is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. thanks soooo much! will return soon! -audrey

  5. What a fabulous collection - so pretty and so unique.

    So glad I came over today -


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