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Thinking out loud...

There seems to be alot of it lately, thinking that is!
Im considered to be in 'Domestic Bliss' at the moment.I have recently invested in a new microwave, new fridge, new freezer, new stove top, and a new dyson!
Believe me I have earned them all, and waited patiently for what seemed a lifetime!
They make me want to cook, clean and freeze so much more!
If you knew me well enough, Im not the domestic goddess, Im just someone who has tried to make do for too long, but now it will be so much easier...

I pushed and shoved, and heaved this buffet and hutch into the kitchen the other day, just to see if it would fit all our stuff and look ok.

 Im tossing up whether to install a timber benchtop right across(and over dishwasher),large drawers underneath for storage, and have shelves on the wall. But Im liking this buffet at the moment, needs painting of course. My critics(the kids) have come to me with concerns of limited workspace.But knowing what we are all like, more benchspace equals more clutter!

I still need somewhere for the glasses!

We have an island bench hubby and I built years ago, the one and only piece we ever built together. I like to prepare on it, as it is central and  faces the dining and family.So I think it will be enough.
What do you think?

Option 1; buffet and hutch
Option 2; long benchtop,drawers, and shelves.

 Opt 2 would look less cluttered and tidy, and my canisters could go on shelves, and Id have the option of extra benchspace, but is it too modern for my liking?
 Im so undecisive these days, I'll have to sit on it for awhile...

Next......Out with the old freestanding oven/stove, and a new cupboard to house the stovetop, microwave and drawers. And so the snowball keeps rolling!

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  1. hey sue....i'm liking the big hutch and know this is quite a shock...just the way it is!! brown!! it would look awesome painted too...but either way is great. it's super big and you have it stocked perfectly!!!
    good for you earning all those domestic points!!! way to go!!
    i'm just happy with a good coffee maker!! hahahaha.
    have fun enjoying your new gadgets!!!

  2. Hi Sue, I love the hutch - it's a keeper.

  3. Gee the hard work has paid off, it looks great Sue.

  4. I love the hutch also, your vintage colections are great. I wouldn't change anything!!! I new at your blog--found you through another. I will visit you again. Thanks for sharing your fun with everyone of your followers! Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa USA

  5. My vote is for Option 1 - Love that hutch! And I'm feeling the same way about your hutch as VintageSue - I wouldn't paint it. I think it looks perfect as it is!

    But...I can't see it up you may have very good reasons for feeling that it definitely needs a paint job.

    I'm the furthest thing from a domestic goddess - so I'm probably the last person who should be giving you advice!


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