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Coastal roadtrip...

This weekend was filled to the brim with work, friends, and family, it happens like that sometimes doesnt it, all at once!
I managed to squeeze in a movie with a couple of good friends, Eat,Pray,Love, which was just wonderful!

But Sunday was a standout for me, some time on my own...
Dont you just crave it sometimes?
I visited my parents down the south coast,had a yummy lunch, then I was off for my drive in solitude.

I had thought about fitting in some junking, but I was more interested in doing some seawatching. Living in the mountains makes me yearn the ocean breeze, the sounds of the waves, the smell of the salt, and the sand between my toes!

After a short stop of people watching, photo snapping, and sitting amongst these blue bottles, I then moved onto higher ground.

 I walked along this fabulous bridge, admiring the huge ocean, and the rock shelves exposed with the lower tide...

To my surprise, I had found some junk, personal, unusual, and everlasting, until the rust eats them away completely!

Isnt it interesting how people find a way to put their stamp on something?
I love this idea, and am thinking one day I may put my own on this bridge! They were all the way along, and had their own special message.

I decided to go even higher, and head for the hills, better still, that mountain you see with lots of tiny cars on top!

And here I was, looking back at the bridge, and the drive past my sisters home amongst the cluster on the beach!

Hang gliders galore!

I bought an icecream, sat and observed, like through a childs eyes. Though it was extremely windy, it was perfect conditions for these silent flyers, it gave me peace within.

An hour went by, and it was time to go home.

We all went our separate ways this weekend, but all came together last night to tell our tales.

And now?? It's a new day, and Im off to work!

Catcha soon, with some new updates on the studio...


  1. I so enjoyed this post. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  2. What a fabulous day!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. What a wonderful story you created in words and pictures. I've never seen locks utilised that way before. How special and beautiful a way to remember a loved one. Sounds like a perfect "me" day. Good for you! x

  4. Oh what a SPLENDID day you had cruising round the headland....Yes indeed....Sometimes 'alone time' is the BEST time....So much easier to think when you're not wearing any other hat other than the one that keeps the hair out of your eyes.... :o) !!

    THANKS for your note....I'm CHUFFED you like it....! I'm gonna go search out your table now....!!

    Have a GREAT weekend Lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Hey Sue....!

    Thanks so much....I popped in earlier & looked around but didn't see it....Of course I wasn't clicking on the RIGHT link.... :o) !

    I LOVE what you did with your table....The drawers look GREAT & the door handles were a NEAT junky touch....!

    I think if I was ever lucky enough to have my own work space as opposed to a spare bedroom STACKED to the ceiling with my junk, I'd use my sideboard as workbench....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. i feel like i just took a trip with you miss sue. how lovely. yes, some solitude is super gratifying a lot...not just sometimes. haha.
    are those jellyfish in the photo? just wondering? eew. just like finding nemo!!
    your continent is just amazing. what a beach! what a view!!!
    thanks for taking me there.
    take care

  7. omg i love the locks on the bridge sue,
    you tell a good story and btw the post below i have the same mat hehe

  8. Nice! I need to get away to the beach too....


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