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Embellishing an original....

A couple of weeks ago, I found some time before work ,to browse one of my favourite shops 'Country Interiors". I have posted about them before here*.
They have moved to a better location, and honed in on the 'shabby chic' look even more than before, with a bit of vintage thrown in, really liking some of it, though a bit pricey for me.

There were a couple of pieces that stood out, and I thought I could quite possibly do a knockoff at a quarter of the price!
Personally, I dont like to copy, and so I knew my own version would end up quite different, but similar...
I managed to take a few pics with the mobile, hence the blurriness, but you get the idea!

I love this , I must give it a try! At $245.00, I'll make a dozen and sell them!

Love the banner, and too easy to make! Selling for $85.00!


Love the bed!

Love the ladies...I have a small collection of some similar.

And what child or adult wouldnt want one of these!

Ooooh, the shutter screen!! 

Cant go past a chandy!

Couldnt resist, I bought the two mats, green and pink, and the blue and cream on the left,love them!

So , I think I will add a few of these to my 'Ideas file', and one fine day, I may just tackle one of them.....

Have you ever taken an idea, and twisted and manipulated it, and called it your own? Im interested to know!


  1. That $85.00 Bunting is criminal!!
    I sell mine for 20.00 - 25.00 and there is more work in those!
    I'll bet your 'knock offs' will look better any day!
    Actually the idea for the doily bunting came from an article in Victoria magazine. They had a fairly conservative one and I just started from there. I had seen the like somewhere before but the memory of it is rather dim.
    I had also seen the beaded bunting Shabby type bunting in US publications too in the past.
    Happy days :)
    Irene x

  2. LOVE THOSE MATS!!! funny sue, i was thinking about trying to make a braided rug too!! yes, i've taken on projects that i copied and added a twist to. i can't think up projects without copying. i have to. imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? lol.
    yes, those items are all so pretty, but too expensive for my taste. i am with you....try to make your own for less!!!
    but alas, those rugs are yummy. i adore them!!!
    cheers to you and your pretty mats...
    take care

  3. Love visiting Country Interiors but totally agree with you, their prices are over the top. I'm in the process of putting my own twist on a couple of lamp shades at the moment hopefully I'll get them onto my blog tomorrow.Please pop over and check them out..xx

  4. Ooooo, awwwww, thanks for sharing these deliciously beautiful photos. Wish I could have gone with you! : )

  5. Hi Sue! I love that bed, and the rocking horse, and the mats you bought! Very cool shop. Thanks for your sweet comment on my recent post. Have a great weekend!... Donna


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