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Too wet for some....and we have a winner!!

To 'the weatherman',
I know we have just come out of a drought, and I shouldnt complain, but enough with the rain already!!
We are over it we are not happy, and homes are being abandoned...

Home abandoned, too wet...

But what a great backdrop for this spiders web...its been raining jacaranda flowers here, they are everywhere!

As pretty as they are, they are slippery and quite messy.

Well painting is out of the question at the moment, but it is great furniture moving I really need an excuse??

My family just shake their heads and mutter, 'here she goes again'...

In order to move a cupboard I was needing in my bedroom, I had to move 6 other things, so , as they say, a change is as good as a holiday!

Ive been up since 4am this morning due to my creative side of the brain, 'need. paper. and. pen. quick!!
So the day has dragged on a bit too long for my liking, especially since I have been eager to announce the winner of my giveaway!!

So I'll stop with the rambling, and wish you all good luck.....

.....drum roll.....

Congrats to

(The five year project)

You are going to love it!
Email me your details , and I will send it off pronto!

Thanks to everyone for entering,it was fun!

Be back soon with some pics of 'the bedroom' , slowly but surely, it is coming together...


  1. Oh WOW! I was just reading and thinking how nice that picture was of the spider web with the purple jacaranda in the background and then I saw my name - Excitement and a huge thank you!!! ;-)

  2. you make me laugh!!! where was i during the giveaway? where have i been? lol.
    that is so funny that you had to move 6 things...that is SO me too. i totally get it!!!!
    the jacaranda is beautiful. so weird that i'm freezing here and you are wearing flip flops.
    good luck with the painting. rain will stop soon i hope!!!
    take care

  3. Hello Sue....!

    THANK YOU so much for helping us celebrate our 100th posts & PLEASE forgive that I missed out on your FABULOUS giveaway recently....I've been snatching time with MR SVJ's laptop since mine caught a virus....I would LOVE to have had the opportunity to get my hands on this GORGEOUS looking book.... ** sigh ** Next time FOR SURE....!!

    Your back yard looks BEAUTIFUL though I'm not sure if it's the lush green foilage & pretty purple leaves covering the lawn or the size that I love the most....Here in Melbourne they're carving up the great Aussie backyard like nobodies business....Having grown up in country NSW on a 1/4 acre plot in town, I find this hard to swallow....I'll have to leave vicariously through yours if that's OK.... :o) !

    Well Lovey I must away....GOOD LUCK....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. I know what you mean about the rain Sue.I'm over it but the garden is loving it,except the roses..xx


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