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Drop everything!!!

That's what I tend to do when I get an idea in my head...

Another early start this morning, 4.30am!!
 What the?

I woke with a headache, and then I remembered why....

....Warning, long story ahead....

Yesterday, was my day off from my outside job, and hubby had just left to go to Perth,so, although I had a short list of to-do's, and a couple of people to see, (not to mention the daily grime..washing,cleaning and more washing!),I was hoping to surrender to the wet and cool weather, and pull up a book or movie for a couple of hours in the afternoon, ahhh, sounds good doesnt it?

Yeh, I was dreamin!!

But then I had a light bulb moment!
 Since hubby's out of here temporarily,  I could get the three tins of paint out of the boot of the car (been there for two weeks), and start on my bedroom....who cares if it's raining, it will be dry by the time he gets back, and wella, a surprise!
Honestly, I dont do these things to surprise him, he never notices anyway!

So I got dressed in my paint casual clothes ,dropped everything I had planned, including the two hour rest, and went to town!!

I painted four walls(with the exception of the wardrobe and french doors,and ensuite door), and a cupboard, the cupboard being the one I moved six pieces of furniture to get to my bedroom!
All of which took three coats, just enough paint!
I finished at 9pm last nite, exhausted and covered in paint on my new paint clothes to add to the huge pile of already splattered clothes!
I did manage to cook dinner and put on a couple of loads of washing between coats...
I waited till 11pm,showered and fed,crawled into bed,and asleep before I hit the pillow. The smell was almost gone, or I was just use to it, but I left the french doors open for ventilation......

Hence the headache this morning!

Because all of you fabulous bloggers are loving sneekpeeks, here's some to feast your eyes on!

Still so much to do, but Im loving the colours.
I'll be feeling a bit 'Time' deprived from now, as alot of you can relate, because apparently there are only three weeks till Christmas!

So now, to drag out the tree and decs for my last post for the year, stay tuned!  


  1. FAAAABulous!!
    I know what its like when you get that itch and you just HAVE to scratch it!!

  2. you are waaay too cute. i love your little story. i'm with you....when my husband is deployed or away on business and the idea is there to change something....i am a machine!!! sounds like you are too. glad you are loving your new look!!!! hang in there...hope the headache goes away and you have enough energy for round two!!!! i just sleep all the time when the weather is rainy and cold. hee hee....
    take care


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