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What makes me smile today...

Hi everyone, it has been an interesting and busy year for us here, so with just the last few things to tie up with the studio and home , its celebration time!

The 'bedroom makeover' has come to a standstill, and will resume in January. Heres a few pics of some changes Ive made, but still alot to finish.

I replaced this with...


And this mish-mash...

with these drawers...

Christmas is our busiest time working in retail, so Im a bit behind with the shopping, ummm, I havent started yet!
The kids helped put the xmas tree up,and it has already been knocked over, and half a dozen mercury glass decs broke! So now it looks a bit bare and uneven!

I put a few decs around the home, but Im really not feeling chrismassy at the moment....

Next year is a new year with new ideas, new inspiration, new challenges and new hope and dreams.

I would really like to wish everyone a merry christmas, and a spectacular 2011.
Keep safe, and I will be back in blogland in the new year.
As for the studio, new sale dates will be announced in a few weeks,but you are still welcome to shop online.
Thankyou for all of your support this year, Ive enjoyed meeting new customers, and seeing the old revisited.
Junkstudio on Karabah has finally given into facebook, so come on over and become a friend!

Catcha next year!!


  1. You're doing a great job of the bedroom! Happy Christmas to you too xoxox

  2. You are one up on me with the decorating! Won't happen here until next week!!
    Talk soon :)

  3. merry christmas miss sue!!!!!!! i wish i could come romp thru all the treasures in your home!!!
    you are a delight and i wish you lots of luck and joy getting thru the next few weeks!!!! i'm behind on my shopping too of course.
    you bedroom looks amazing.
    you sparkle lady!!!
    happy new year.

  4. Merry Chrissy.Looking forward to your creations in the New Year..xx

  5. Hello Sue, I just followed you here through your comment on Paint Me White. Love your blog. Look forward to seeing you back here again next year :)

  6. Love the drawers Sue and Merry Christmas to you as well. Talk to you in the New Year! ;-)

  7. Sue just been catching up on your last few posts. Been busy with the new baby in the family and now the next one is due tomorrow.
    Love what you have done with the bedroom so far.
    Have a wonderful christmas

  8. Bedroom looks fab and I love those world globes. It is nearly Christmas and I still don't feel Christmassy!


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