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Catchup #5,891!

Another job crossed off the very long list ...
Ive been slacking off on the fix and finish chores around the home for so long, I just wanted them to go away! You know how it is when the list gets longer, it becomes overwhelming, but having both the weekend off from work(out of the home) and the miserable weather, it was the perfect time to 'catchup'...

My daughter had a new wardrobe made last year (doors were donated from a friend), and I suggested we paint, wallpaper, something to brighten them up, they were plain white.

Then a couple of months ago, I found these great wall stickers and thought they would be perfect! Cara loves swirls and butterflies, so finally we tackled it yesterday.Once we painted the doors in a washed turquiose colour(cant remember the name), we couldnt wait to get sticking, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to attach!

Cara loves it , and it looks so much better, though I think on a bigger space they may have looked even better!
I think some additional baby butterflies flying up from the right may finish it off....still not quite sure...

Another wet day,and Im having a lazy day, and loving it!!
The other 5,890 jobs on the list will still be there tomorrow...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. That turned out so darn cute!! And you and your daughter created a memory! How sweet!
    Yes, rainy days are good 'project' days but I tend to want to curl up on the sofa instead.

  2. Looks great ..So pretty and girly..xx


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