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A sale like no other....

Thankyou to those who are interested in how the sale went, let me put your mind at rest....I closed after three hours!!!
It was miserable weather, Autumn decided to show up, and I think it scared most of  my customers away....

It was great to see a few of my regulars visit first thing, and maybe a dozen or so came in the next hour, but by 11am, it died a quick death!

I had tarps up everywhere, but the wind was cold and damp, I gave in, and packed up!  And just to taunt me, the sun came out for the next hour, and people were driving up the lane looking for my little studio, staring at the locked gate...shame...

Well after a night of sulking and disappointment, I decided that I will just have to plan my next sale in April. Check for new dates soon over HERE.
I took some pics, and made my new banner, but saved my favourite one to show here!
This lovely lady visits every month, we have a great catchup chat, and she usually finds something special to take home.

So how was your weekend ladies? 


  1. How I waished I lived closer you would see me at your sale.I love that typewriter.Hope April performs better for you.

  2. Bummer about the weather! I see lots of great things and bins I'd love to dig in. If I lived closer, I'd definitely be one of your regulars!

  3. I would brave just about any weather for that!!

  4. sue....i have BEEN THERE. i've had those yard sales that get rained out and then after packin it up....SUN!!! argh. how frustrating.
    BUT on a happy note.....OMG...i LOOOOVE your header!!!!! i love your inventory too. you should have a jam up APRIL sale!!!!! everything is super cute!!!
    hang in there.

  5. Sorry to hear of your weather issues. I've had to do the same thing too and it always bothers me. Hopefully April will bring you some nice weather and good sales!

  6. Hi Sue, sorry to hear you sale went pear shaped because of the weather. Its sure been a cold and wet summer thats for sure. glad to see your regulars called in though!


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