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The apple doesnt fall far....

You know how the saying goes...

I was clearing some junk off my verandah a couple of weeks ago, and found these boxes, which have been moved around so much, and have come with me everywhere I have moved for the past 27years!

What are they, you may well ask...

My father made these out of packing boxes from his workplace back in the 70's. He worked with PMG, better known now as Telstra, one of our phone and internet service providers. He worked with them most of his working life, and as us aussies know, they certainly went through some changes!

It was only natural for him to grab up these boxes before they were destroyed and thrown to landfill, or someones fire. Dad was in the game of reycling and reusing way back then.

He had a plan, and immediately went to work and turned them into speakers for the loungeroom! I remember they hung from a bracket in the corners of the room, and were covered in that gorgeous retro orange fabric!

For many years they did there job, and right up till I was 17 yrs old, many a good beat ran through them. My dad loved the opera, and still does, but back then you could hear it from the top of the street, which wasnt so cool as a teen!

So when he finally replaced them with black modern painted ,cheap chipboard ones from the store,around that time I moved out, and they followed...

The orange fabric went (wished I had a pic to show you), and as I loved cows and cottage fabrics, I found the appropriate coverings. I used them for a few years, mainly as extra speakers outdoors or other rooms , but the sound was pretty bad!

So then they became just a quickfix coffee table or display piece, I just couldnt part with them.

They have sat on my verandah for maybe 8 years now, stacked up on a shelf in the shed, waiting for some inspiration...

One day, I started to pull the fabric off, revealing the old fuzzy speakers, and before I knew it, I had unscrewed the whole box, and that was when my eyes lit up!

 The stenciled print on the side told the story.

I never knew where they had come from, or even thought about there age, I just liked the timber, and the fact that dad had made them, and that was it.I couldnt wait to ask dad all about their history.

After a bit of wax, these 50+ yr old boxes are ready for a new purpose in life....but what?

Any suggestions?

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  1. I have been trying to get my son to junk with me but I think that apple rolled away a little lol. So I am new to blogging and I am having my second giveaway to get the word out about my blog on mosaic art. I was hoping every one could come help an old lady out. I am not very tech savi and I am always bothering my son to set these things up fpr me and they aren't any good if no one comes lol. All you have to do is subscribe to my feed to enter come on over it could be fun.


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