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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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And then there were four.....

Well hello fellow junkers...

We are going through some changes here lately, and  starting with the middle child flying the coop,literally!

After graduating her flight attendant course, and then landing a job with Qantas, it was time for her to find a place near work. So she now resides in the city, when she isnt flying!

But it doesnt stop there....Our eldest daughter is house hunting down the coast, in preparation for Uni next year!

The girls always seem to do things around the same time, so it is a double whammy!

Hopefully our son will hang around a little longer, I dont think I could take all of them leaving at once...

I guess keeping busy with work has helped, but the emotions are all over the place, and thoughts of the future are hovering.

So, as Christmas and the New Year roll around, it is a time to refocus, rethink, and  reflect on the past year. Every year justs comes around that little bit seems there are never enough hours, days and weeks to fit everything and everyone in!

After the last sale here in the studio on Saturday, I will be finishing off orders, and slowing down to a walking pace till the New Year. 

But for now, full steam ahead!

I'll be back next week to share some pics from the sale, and I feel some specials coming on, in the website, to finish the year out!!!

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