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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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I've pencilled you in...

The calendar that is!

Ok, so do I need to reintroduce myself, it has been so long!

I could tell you I have been happily creating...
I could tell you I have been so busy with family and home projects...
I could tell you work outside of the home has taken up precious time...
And all would be true, life has been a tad hectic here.

But not a day has gone by without my regular fix, checking out what you have all posted each day. 
Along with your inspiration, Spring has been such a perfect backdrop for five minutes of peace and harmony, and a cup of tea....

I have been painting my kitchen/dining/family rooms, and rearranging furniture like there's no tomorrow! Actually annoying the 'bleep' out of my family, drove them crazy,haha! In one week I had moved the fridge and the pantry twice, can you imagine how frustrating it was,back and forth, had me in stitches!

I like to think it keeps them on their toes, but as the ongoing joke in this household goes...'but there's definitely more room now!'

Im preparing for the last sale of the year here in the studio so I will be back with some things I want to share as time permits, and you can also catch me on Facebook!


  1. We are getting cold here in the mountains of Pennsylvania!! We are all ready for winter.....

  2. well I can't think of a more fun thing to do than moving furniture around, well done on the big painting job! thanks for the well wishes too, am still a bit under the weather but getting better.


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