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Largest collection to date!!

Hello fellow junkers!!
It's been a while, and Im not sure if Ive fully recovered from the holidays, but stepping into the New Year always gives me that sense of the unknown ya know?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I feel I need to go back to my comfort zone of yesterday, and more familiar surroundings....

So Ive been working through the piles of mine and my family's life around the home, sorting, culling, and reminiscing. I guess when another child is leaving the nest in two weeks, it tends to do that to a person....
With one other flying the coop last November, Im starting to ask myself the question...'why are they leaving me?'
It seems it is time. Time for them to grow, explore, and become the best they can be! Well, I already think they are, but who am I to stop them!

My son Ryan is more than happy to stay a bit longer, and is moving out to Cara's room the day she has gone! Her room  will become the 'mancave'.

So with all of this happening, I cant help think of the changes it will make to myself , the business, and my priorities in life....So Im surrounding myself with what I know best...distraction!!

Collecting, junking, theyre certainly related, and definitely my close relations!
And well, if you have followed me for a while, you would know I have a collection or two, or 50, but I have discovered that my largest collection to date is the huge volume of photos on my computer, cds, dvds, albums, walls, theyre everywhere!

I havent got the heart to delete or part with them...
Unfortunately, it has come to the crunch , my computer is so full, it is having trouble coping with the masses of folders of photos I need to burn to cds. 
I must say, I have improved with my photography immensely over the years, and I think this blog has something to do with it, I have been clicking away for many years, and I think I will be taking my camera to my grave, haha!
So with all that said.....I thought Id put together some favourite photos over the years from my collection.
, starting with 'Junkstudio gardens'.

I will be back soon with a slideshow or two!

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