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Finishing touches...

Well, its official, one week till the big day!

Are you all organised? Mmmm, each year we think we have plenty of time, but Im sure most of us have that last minute rush around!

I added a few more decs around including this little miss given to me last week.

Most of these presents will be packed up and taken with us to visit family on both xmas and boxing day, I love seeing them under the tree!

 We cant put Toby's under the tree yet, he seems to know , and well, last year he found it, unwrapped it, and wouldnt give his toy back for anything! It was funny, but in the process, he destroyed a couple of other gifts.

So Im signing off for the year!
 With the last week always so hectic at work and home, I may not get a chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas, so best do it now.
I want to thankyou for all of your support and encouragement throughout the year, and hope you will come and visit again next year!

I mentioned on Facebook last night I was building a house!
Well its nearly finished,I! just need to add the glass and trims and hinges... the chandie was a special request from the customer! So I better get it finished to lockup stage to hand over the keys before Chrissy!

Catcha  here next year people, you are welcome to visit me over here!


  1. You always have THE nicest CHristmas decorations! x

  2. Have a wonderful christmas..See you next year..xx


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