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The view from my side of the river....

Good Friday was great for digging out my old pal Nikon, and heading down to the river...

I walk along here regularly with my mate Toby, he loves to take a dip at the end of a hectic stretch of exercise.

I always head over the bridge, as there are paths, and parks, and the coffee club ;)
But I decided to check out my side of the river, and see what it had to offer for the locals with spectacular views...
I certainly wasnt disappointed, and gave the old camera a good workout!


The Nepean Belle paddlewheeler is a gorgeous floating restaurant, which I have had the pleasure of dining on, and the platypus is a wonderful river cruiser.

As I walked further along, there was plenty of action in and out of the river on this perfect Autumn day.
Lots of picnics, boating, jetskiing, and a spot of fishing.

I fired up my zoom, and something caught my eye. On the other side of the river, and about 200metres further along, these boys had found a rope...and boys being boys, were climbing and swinging and jumping in all afternoon!
I suddenly wished my kids were young again, and we could be out enjoying all this as a family....

A quick one hour timeout trip turned into almost 4 hours, and it was time to go home.
Hmmm, I wont be expecting much from Toby today, he is an old puppy afterall.

I think my old pal Nikon held up pretty well, and it reminded me to take timeout and just enjoy my surroundings. I'll be definitely going back to my side of the river, though may have to walk over the bridge for that coffee ;)

Today, I am off for some well deserved pampering with a dear friend.
Tomorrow, catching up with my family, and Monday I am getting back to my studies, and playing with photoshop.

Enjoy your weekend, and dont eat too much chocolate!


  1. Happy Easter Sue!
    I must admit it has been a while (ages) since I visited your site here and am very impressed with your photos and writing....You have a huge talent . Seeing your wares in person makes me feel honored...I love what you do and who you are. Take care my best friend :)

  2. I love the Nepean River.We had Easter Sunday morning breakfast at the Coffee Club..Great pics..xx

    1. Oh, so you were one of many I saw as I drove past, I cant believe how busy they are, especially Easter Sunday! Hope you enjoyed it :)


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