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Shopping trip like no other...

I love going shopping for junk, especially when Im in a creative mood.

Gotta grab it when you can these days, with limited time, it is hard to get those ideas flowing sometimes!

What's even better about this trip, is it is cheap on petrol and a hop,skip,and a jump away....under my house!

With all of the rain we have been having over the past few weeks, I was worried these wonderful pieces may get damaged, and go mouldy or rot.

I have a few ideas for these, some I will keep, and some I will sell.

In the first pic, I soon came to realize what I wanted!

I had been looking to replace this shelf in the kitchen.

I didnt really need storage anymore since I had been selling off 

simplifying my home,and I created a new space for the glasses,

 so I wanted something that would be a 

feature I could still change around if I felt the need...

So this is what I came up with!

as I mentioned, I created a new space for the glasses. I used this stand in my studio from time to time ,to house small things to purchase.It stood about 150cm.
Too busy to take before pics, I attacked it with the grinder, stuck a metal finial on top, and a new base, and wella!
I had to play with it a bit, so the glasses wouldnt clang, but now Im really happy with it!

So I think I have finished transforming a dull wall and corner.

Though I think I will replace the frame with a slightly larger one to even out the space...

It's true, I think everyone has eaten here and survived ok ;)

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  1. see this is why we are friends and kindred spirits looks fabulicious


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