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See what happens when Im left home alone?

I was left to my own devices over Easter which involved mixed emotions....Hubby and son went for a charity ride out to Burke!

I spent my wedding anniversary alone, but thankfully my friend came and kept me company.

I caught up with friends and family.

I ate some melted Easteregg my daughter bought me.

And....I made this!!!

Well, when I say I made it, I didnt really make it, I styled it!
I had a very old, some might say vintage, school chalkboard taking up space on my verandah.
I thought what better place to use it than as a bed head in my guestroom!

My first guest was my eldest daughter, she complained the timber hurt her head...
I finally bought the materials to make the soft insert, but before I could put it together, I had another guest stay in the guest room, he didnt like the timber in the head either... 

So as a distraction from my presentation I should be preparing, I finally finished it today, but not before my middle daughter decided to stay in the guestroom tonight...
You can guess the outcome this morning...
So today ,I finally installed the soft insert.
Doesnt it look pretty?

Im happy with it, it's high, it's large, and it's the feature of the room... though I will also upholster the lower timber that you can just see, to be assured of no more sore heads!

Now for the rest of the room, starting with the horrible walls....
Will keep you up to date via facebook!


  1. I saw it first hand yesterday and can honestly say that it is amazing....great creation my bestie....keepa dancin Maria!xx

  2. Haha, youre crazy, but I like you ;)
    Larissa slept in the guestroom last night, and it didnt fall on her, so I guess it passed!


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