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Bondi is where it's at!!

And why wouldnt I drive an hour and a half to the most gorgeous beach on the East coast of Sydney?

I understand completely what all the fuss is about, it is all too easy to take quick snaps and just know they will be picture perfect!

These pics are straight from the camera, no editing needed here! I feel like a professional, the lighting is perfect, the view is perfect, and although the air is quite fresh as I stand here shivering, it is clean and invigorating.

It has been a while since my last visit to Bondi, I used to have a few customers I delivered purchases to frequently, though never really had time to park and wander.

As you can see, there arent many in the water, just the devoted surfers, and the seagulls!

Well, it seems Bondi Beach has some competition close by, and I personally couldnt wait to check them out....

Yes, it is all the talk, the craze and the anticipation that has dragged me all the way from my cottage in the mountains...

Pottery Barn!

Well, apart from an appointment in Paddington, I couldnt waste the opportunity to travel another 10-15mins further to embark on an iconic homewares shop only admired from afar for so long, and now in little old Bondi!

There is no more room for words, just a few phone images of my wants and needs I will have to return for!

Of course, it was necessary to go next door into West Elm, and compare the goods......all so lovely!

Believe it or not, I walked out empty handed, though I did make a list to adhere to at a later date.

My reasoning for not spending was to do with that special day, just around the corner!

I couldnt live with myself if I bought a new lounge, and couldnt buy my mum something for Mothers Day....Or could I....Hmmm, maybe I need to think it through a bit longer...

In all seriousness, I am saving my pennies for that special gift for my mum, and I hope you all can be spoilt, or spoil your mums or MILs on Mothers Day.


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