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Procrastination overload...

You know that feeling of being buried in projects you pushed aside for a rainy day...and that rainy day never came?

well fortunately that day finally did come!

The possum problem I have had of late, has been the push I have needed to move some junk potential sales out to be cleaned up , fixed, and recreated.

To start with these two lights I bought from a garage sale quite a few years ago....I liked the look and I knew I could rewire them to work. 

Actually this one was an infrared heating lamp, thank goodness they dont use these anymore! I liked the little stand and thought it would look great next to the lounge.

So I ripped out the heater, and installed the new wiring, and it all went together so easily. But when I put it on the stand, and placed it next to the lounge, it just looked wrong.

I thought it would be better up higher, maybe on a stand....

So out I went to my stash of junk project pieces, and low and behold, I knew exactly what I needed!

I remember finding this little guy, and had to fight for it, all $6.00 of it! Even back then I knew what I wanted it for!

Well dont they make a cute couple?

For ten minutes work, I could have put these together years ago, but  procrastinating is a funny thing....

The other fabulous light has come in handy on my desk...

So I guess these are keepers....for now ;)

Another light-ning moment, ha!

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