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City love...

I dont get much opportunity to go to the big smoke...

Living in the mountains is a wonderful hideaway from the busy and bussling traffic and people, and certainly a scenic and nurturing environment with clean air, plentiful trees and lots of cottages with breezeways!

I studied and worked in the city years ago, and always loved walking amongst the huge buildings and taking in the fast pace of busy important people. I even enjoyed the public transport, the ferries, and walking the subways!

Now Im all grown up, and my experience and outlook of Sydney is still the same, but in a better  different perspective. I have seen it grow, change, and become the great city it is today. There's nothing like spending a day watching the harbour and the surroundings. It is such a busy place and a beauty in its own right!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work in Darling Harbour at our wonderful Convention Centre, for the very last time. For those unaware, they will be knocking this centre down soon, and rebuilding to house more offices and appartments.

The Home Show was a great success for many businesses in the elite range. It gives us a chance to show off our product, and ensure it is seen by many thousands of people setting up a new home, or renovating the old.

Hubby's display was outstanding, and if you werent thinking of having a pool before you came to visit, well I assure you, it is in the plan for the near future now! 

The show was for four days, and I had the pleasure of working over the weekend, at its busiest time!
As soon as the doors closed at 7pm, we wined and dined in the best seafood restaurant , The Blue Fish, along a very long line of fabulous restaurants. Weve eaten there a few times, and we knew to expect a bottomless platter of fresh lobster, prawns and scallops.
The nine oclock fireworks are always a blast, and seeing the harbour light up was spectacular!

For frequent Show stoppers, the most popular stay close in proximity to the Convention Centre is ' The Oaks Goldbrough Hotel.' It also offers permanent residency, which wouldnt be a bad place to live.

(The huge building in the background)

It had a dormitory feel to it, and  catered for alot of people, perfect for expo shows and interstate stall holders.
The setup looked like horse stalls, quite interesting. It was a comfortable stay, though Im guessing the tenth floor with a view would be nicer than the bottom floor!

Sunday I managed to sneak away for half an hour to enjoy the sunshine, and wander around taking in the people and the sights. Never disappointed, and it was exactly what I needed!

You would think it would be dangerous for me to be in a home show, check everything out, and shop till I dropped, but the truth be known, I grabbed one brochure on my way out, too exhausted to look. I much preferred getting out in the sun, taking in the city air, and remembering my days back when I took  our gorgeous city for granted.

Im already dreaming of my next trip in there and I cant wait!

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