Follow my highs and lows of a small business, working with junk, repurposing, and creating original treasures!
Im a Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Junk Artist, Collector, and Daydreamer!
My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
Come and Browse....


My interpretation, style, design, and simple living...

Ahhh, Spring not only brings the best weather and intro to Summer, but with it comes fresh ideas for creating, new colours added to the spectrum, and a renewed take on life, and all it has to offer!

Well thats my interpretation, and Im sticking with it!

You only have to flick through the pages of my blog to know nothing is set in concrete, I have chopped and changed my mind in so many areas of my life, and never been happy to settle for one thing, whether it be style, design, or even jobs out of the home...

In keeping with my undecisive nature, the past few months have seen me in three different places of employment, whilst still managing to clear out, simplify my home and studio.
On a more personal level, juggling the love and grief between family members with illness, and lifes adjustments to cater their needs, has been a journey of emotions.

Im now at a point where I sit and ponder, and ask myself..."Now, where was I"?

How many of us ask ourselves this question in a lifetime? Id like to think many times! 
Its ok to follow a path we have in mind, but its no fun if we dont occasionally venture off the beaten track to experience the unknown...
Well, lets just say, I have never been known to follow the main road / path, I like some diversity, the back roads have more surprises and interesting bumps!

So, Im back on track at the moment, working out of the home, working in the home, sparing time to create, see family and friends, and managing to fill some spare hours with continuing my course in design and architecture. Sounds like it is all falling into place doesnt it!!

Haha! My proven record tells otherwise, and thats ok!

In keeping with my road to 'simplifying', and a follow on from my last post, I have decided to 'hang up my boots' to this online diary, and close down my blog.
This is one of the few things in my life I have had for a long time, but it is time to move on, and try other things!
It has been a wonderful way to share my ups and downs with my business, and occasionally open up to my 'friends' with my woes...
This blog and everyone I have met and communicated with over these six and a half years, has taught me so much, and it is something I will cherish along with all of you who took the time to read my blog and inspire me to continue my passion and dreams.
As you all know, facebook, Instagram, and so many other social medias have made it so easy for us to keep in touch, and communicate.

So if you havent already, and wish to keep following my creative therapy for junk admirers, come on over and say hi to me on facebook and Instagram.

Ive had the best time, and look forward to reading all of these posts for many years to come!



The power of words...

To some people the written word holds more meaning than just a spoken one.

At the very young age of 9, all I wanted was my very own diary, and it had to be the one with a lock!
 I was given one that Christmas, though unfortunately it didnt come with a lock and key so I had to be creative in where I hid it from prying eyes...
I wasnt consistent in my postings, but I had written in everyone's birthdays, even my pets!
And then along came boys...

Back then, if you played chasings with a boy, then they were your boyfriend, or if they came up and hit your arm everyday, they were boyfriend status for sure!
It wasnt long before the postings into my diary got longer and more interesting.
I saved my pocket money, and invested in a five year diary, with a lock and key!

" ( .....) is my boyfriend today, but he is moving to Newcastle, so I will have to drop him tomorrow".

As I moved into High School, and became a teenager, the posts were all about friends, boys and family, in that order. I dont think I was any different to most teenagers when it came to arguements between friends over boys, and not speaking to my parents cause they grounded me!

" Im not speaking to (.......) at the moment, so I will have to call her tomorrow and tell her".

Always trying to keep up with the parties, movies and shopping, I was always poor, trying to convince mum we didnt need that much food, but I really needed to buy a new 'glomesh wallet'!

My diaries got a workout, never enough time or pages to write who got with who, and who broke up with who, and what I bought with my last $2.50, and ....well you get the point. I sometimes had to stick more pages in, and apologize to my diary for being so messy, lol.
Unfortunately my priorities for shopping havent changed that much, afterall, do we really need to eat three meals?

Once I left school, there was no stopping me, I was rebellious, and I knew everything that I needed to know...someone was definitely looking out for me during those years of 'all about me'!
My diaries grew to A4 size, there was just so much to write!

Alot of my friends moved in different directions, so I guess my post subjects became few and far between...until I started Tafe, and a whole new chapter opened up,lol.
Lets just say, I probably pushed my parents stress levels up , and had way too much fun for one person, and am thankfully still here to tell the story.

I managed to keep a diary right up till the age of 21, the last couple of years werent very post heavy, though I think that was because my life was more meaningful and grownup, as I married at 20, and my first child was born at 21. I was living my life, and didnt feel the need to document it as often.

For those of you who have been associated with me and my life from the ages of 9yrs to 21yrs, you will be able to rest easy now.
On my road to simplifying, I revisted these old memories for one last time today, and decided it was time to burn those words. As funny as some of them were, I still remember the pain we shared through friendships lost, relationships, and the loss of pets, and the changes we went through as teens.

So the evidence has turned to ashes, but for those of you who Im still friends with despite what we shared, or maybe because of what we shared, my memory hasnt left me yet, and they will not be forgotten in a hurry!

Im a different person now, sometimes I would look through the pages and wonder who that person was, but I guess that is what the teenage years are all about, finding yourself, of course having some fun too!

I have to say Im feeling relieved after having to hide them for 37 years, the thought of me leaving this earth, and someone picking them up for a read would definitely make me toss and turn in my grave! 

My eldest daughter has followed me in the need to write, and maybe when she reaches my age, she may have the same ceremony, unless she has it all on USBs now!


Creative therapy...

Hello there....

It has been a while, but real life has taken hold since returning from my getaway.
As soon as I landed on home ground, it was a 'snap back to reality' moment...

Thankfully, I have still managed to have some me moments, and get in the zone of creativity, that has been keeping me sane!

I tune out to the world and all of my worries, if not for a couple of hours...

Im loving this wall at the moment, it was bare for so long, then I bought the clock, and was worried it had become the white elephant in the room.
But I persisted, and waited patiently for more inspiration.
Im happy with the outcome...for now. Nothing is permanent here as most of you know!

And to add the touch of Spring with these gorgeous blossoms, is the icing on the cake!

Ive also been finishing this area in my living space , in preparation for a few shelves.
It has been dragging due to other commitments, but the shelves are in, not complete, but I think it will be a work in progress.....

The paintwork was a step by step process, and Im so pleased it all pulled together.
Its almost a shame to be covering it up with shelves, books and stuff in general.
But I have plenty to fill this area as you can see, even after clearing out loads while simplifying....its hard letting go ya know!

Keep up with updates over here on my facebook page, and over here on my instagrams.


Restless and undecisive is me....

So much going on right now in my life and in my head!

It's times like this I become so overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, that I dont accomplish much at all, it is a real struggle to push through ...
Does anyone else feel like this too?

I shouldnt complain , I will be off on a sundrenched island very soon, chillaxing, eating lots of seafood, and drinking lots of cocktails....but there is a bit of pressure to finish off assessments, projects, and jobs before I go.

Hmmm, Ive lost your sympathy right now havent I!

We have also had family events, my sons graduation, my daughters 25th Birthday, and helping out my parents, which has been fun.

In the middle of it all, I decided to switch the living space around, and make it more functional for everyone, oh and always trying to make more room!

I have this alcove which for many years housed this configuration of shelving and cupboard, but in my struggle  journey to simplify, I have sold/given alot of my collections away, and really just wanted some basic shelving for photos, books and a few bits of memorabilia.

With no time to make shelving at present, I decided to add legs to my favourite drawers, and feature them in the alcove for a while.

I love these, and have used them for years filled with mags, candles, all sorts! I love timber, and have it everywhere, but Im feeling these are quite dark, and am close to reaching for a paint brush!

There's always lots to do around here, I probably create more than there needs to be, but for us creative people, though sometimes annoying, it is to be expected!


In my experience... page update!

In my experience, I would call myself an allrounder!

I am a qualified visual merchandiser, and Interior designer in the making. Im a stylist of the vintage kind, and have also worked in and around retail for most of my working life.

With Certificates in business,tourism and hospitality, and Diplomas in drawing and commercial Art, Ive ventured into quite a few industries!

My passion lies within repurposing, creating something old into a new and functional design.

I work with homewares, furniture and lighting specifically, though  it is the interesting junk pieces that inspire me the most!

This is an interest that evolved over many years, and with the help of Junkstudio on Karabah, It has enabled me to just go for it!

There have been speedhumps along the way, steering me in different directions, but I always seem to find my way back eventually!

My Portfolio is reminiscent of this, creative and passionate, though sporadic.

Please visit an extension of my studio....

J.S Creations

It is a gallery view of recent and future originals which I hope will inspire you creatively, and to open your minds to decorate outside of the general square.

The basis of my designs and repurposed originals has always been to decorate and furnish a home or space with a budget in mind.
For more information and pricing of each item, please email me.

**It is good to see many of you out there already showing your talents and creativity, and I hope we all can continue to share our passion, though keep our own twist on our creations and respect each others ideas.


City love...

I dont get much opportunity to go to the big smoke...

Living in the mountains is a wonderful hideaway from the busy and bussling traffic and people, and certainly a scenic and nurturing environment with clean air, plentiful trees and lots of cottages with breezeways!

I studied and worked in the city years ago, and always loved walking amongst the huge buildings and taking in the fast pace of busy important people. I even enjoyed the public transport, the ferries, and walking the subways!

Now Im all grown up, and my experience and outlook of Sydney is still the same, but in a better  different perspective. I have seen it grow, change, and become the great city it is today. There's nothing like spending a day watching the harbour and the surroundings. It is such a busy place and a beauty in its own right!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work in Darling Harbour at our wonderful Convention Centre, for the very last time. For those unaware, they will be knocking this centre down soon, and rebuilding to house more offices and appartments.

The Home Show was a great success for many businesses in the elite range. It gives us a chance to show off our product, and ensure it is seen by many thousands of people setting up a new home, or renovating the old.

Hubby's display was outstanding, and if you werent thinking of having a pool before you came to visit, well I assure you, it is in the plan for the near future now! 

The show was for four days, and I had the pleasure of working over the weekend, at its busiest time!
As soon as the doors closed at 7pm, we wined and dined in the best seafood restaurant , The Blue Fish, along a very long line of fabulous restaurants. Weve eaten there a few times, and we knew to expect a bottomless platter of fresh lobster, prawns and scallops.
The nine oclock fireworks are always a blast, and seeing the harbour light up was spectacular!

For frequent Show stoppers, the most popular stay close in proximity to the Convention Centre is ' The Oaks Goldbrough Hotel.' It also offers permanent residency, which wouldnt be a bad place to live.

(The huge building in the background)

It had a dormitory feel to it, and  catered for alot of people, perfect for expo shows and interstate stall holders.
The setup looked like horse stalls, quite interesting. It was a comfortable stay, though Im guessing the tenth floor with a view would be nicer than the bottom floor!

Sunday I managed to sneak away for half an hour to enjoy the sunshine, and wander around taking in the people and the sights. Never disappointed, and it was exactly what I needed!

You would think it would be dangerous for me to be in a home show, check everything out, and shop till I dropped, but the truth be known, I grabbed one brochure on my way out, too exhausted to look. I much preferred getting out in the sun, taking in the city air, and remembering my days back when I took  our gorgeous city for granted.

Im already dreaming of my next trip in there and I cant wait!


Procrastination overload...

You know that feeling of being buried in projects you pushed aside for a rainy day...and that rainy day never came?

well fortunately that day finally did come!

The possum problem I have had of late, has been the push I have needed to move some junk potential sales out to be cleaned up , fixed, and recreated.

To start with these two lights I bought from a garage sale quite a few years ago....I liked the look and I knew I could rewire them to work. 

Actually this one was an infrared heating lamp, thank goodness they dont use these anymore! I liked the little stand and thought it would look great next to the lounge.

So I ripped out the heater, and installed the new wiring, and it all went together so easily. But when I put it on the stand, and placed it next to the lounge, it just looked wrong.

I thought it would be better up higher, maybe on a stand....

So out I went to my stash of junk project pieces, and low and behold, I knew exactly what I needed!

I remember finding this little guy, and had to fight for it, all $6.00 of it! Even back then I knew what I wanted it for!

Well dont they make a cute couple?

For ten minutes work, I could have put these together years ago, but  procrastinating is a funny thing....

The other fabulous light has come in handy on my desk...

So I guess these are keepers....for now ;)

Another light-ning moment, ha!


Bondi is where it's at!!

And why wouldnt I drive an hour and a half to the most gorgeous beach on the East coast of Sydney?

I understand completely what all the fuss is about, it is all too easy to take quick snaps and just know they will be picture perfect!

These pics are straight from the camera, no editing needed here! I feel like a professional, the lighting is perfect, the view is perfect, and although the air is quite fresh as I stand here shivering, it is clean and invigorating.

It has been a while since my last visit to Bondi, I used to have a few customers I delivered purchases to frequently, though never really had time to park and wander.

As you can see, there arent many in the water, just the devoted surfers, and the seagulls!

Well, it seems Bondi Beach has some competition close by, and I personally couldnt wait to check them out....

Yes, it is all the talk, the craze and the anticipation that has dragged me all the way from my cottage in the mountains...

Pottery Barn!

Well, apart from an appointment in Paddington, I couldnt waste the opportunity to travel another 10-15mins further to embark on an iconic homewares shop only admired from afar for so long, and now in little old Bondi!

There is no more room for words, just a few phone images of my wants and needs I will have to return for!

Of course, it was necessary to go next door into West Elm, and compare the goods......all so lovely!

Believe it or not, I walked out empty handed, though I did make a list to adhere to at a later date.

My reasoning for not spending was to do with that special day, just around the corner!

I couldnt live with myself if I bought a new lounge, and couldnt buy my mum something for Mothers Day....Or could I....Hmmm, maybe I need to think it through a bit longer...

In all seriousness, I am saving my pennies for that special gift for my mum, and I hope you all can be spoilt, or spoil your mums or MILs on Mothers Day.